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Austin Company, Inc. is a Nebraska-based, family owned business that has been providing quality and professional agricultural service to our clients since 1947.

Our strong work ethic, integrity and dedication to our clients have been and will continue to be the foundation of our company. 

We offer a vast range of agricultural services, which includes farm management, real estate sales, property appraisals, consultations and crop insurance. The Austin Company is dedicated to providing the highest quality and most profitable farm management services to our clients, and continuously strives to meet your needs.

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Farm Management

The Austin Company's strong work ethic, integrity and dedication to our clients have been and will continue to be the foundation of our company. We offer several types of lease options that are fair to the owner and renter. Our goal is to provide management services that are in your best interest and is accomplished through actual farm visits and direct contact with the owners and tenants.



Crop Insurance

We offer a complete line of crop insurance. Our knowledgeable staff can custom fit an insurance program for your specific farm. This program will be designed to protect your investment and provide adequate cash flow in times of crop failure.  We also provide multi-peril insurance for farms as required to participate in our farm programs. 



Real Estate Sales & Appraisals

Real Estate SalesThe Austin Company provides competent brokerage services to either the buyer or the seller. Our extensive knowledge and experience are qualities you can trust and rely on when determining the right price, promoting and advertising your land properly, and finding and committing buyers to a sale. We strive to obtain the highest selling price and close the transaction promptly and efficiently. We can sell your land by private treaty, public auction or sealed bids.VIEW PROPERTIES FOR SALEProperty AppraisalsWe provide professional appraisals of farm and ranch real estate for purposes of estate planning, loan collateral evaluation, condemnation, partitions and bankruptcies.  All appraisal reports by The Austin Company are prepared by a Nebraska Certified Appraiser.


Free Consultations, No Obligations

We have several professionals on staff who would be happy to sit down with you to discuss your specific needs and the vast range of services available to you here at The Austin Company. Coffee is on the house!